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unperceived existence explores the interplay between existence and perception through a series of solo exhibitions for women artists.

unperceived existence calls into focus women’s position within the arts and perceptions of their work. Do we cease to exist if we are not represented?

Follow us throughout the series as each artist takes over our Instagram account for the duration of their exhibition.


‘I love the concept of U.E. and it’s great to see the space, today, through electronic means. One interesting response was that I found I enjoyed the ‘gallery visit’, one which I probably wouldn’t have made time to do physically, and that it was an appreciated creative interlude in my morning, which otherwise wouldn’t have happened. It was quite an intimate experience, as I felt compelled to read through, whereas I may have responded to the works physically before learning about them, were I in a real space…’

Jo Pond, jeweller and lecturer at The School of Jewellery, Birmingham, UK.


about the creator

profile picLaura Bradshaw-Heap is a freelance curator, arts practitioner, ethnographer and mother. She has a MSc in social and cultural anthropology from University College London and an MA in design from London Metropolitan University. Bradshaw-Heap is most interested in projects that are research based and involve turning the audience into active participants in some way. Her methods are drawn from across disciplines. Her research interests include the making economy, performativity, aesthetics, the politics of voice, feminist studies and participatory art.

Programme of exhibitions

unperceived existence is delighted to announce their programme of exhibitions at gallery shush.

We are no longer accepting applications. But do feel free to email us your cv and portfolio as we are always looking to extend our database of artists.


Madison Omahne   ‘mother/infant’  28.08-03.09.2018


keren image.jpg
Keren Shalev    ‘Hiding in foreign shadows, under buildings and in between’    18.09.2018-24.09.2018











2katherine_rutecki_trap_no.2 copy
Katherine Rutecki     ‘Trap’   11.10-17.10.2018           


Sarah Edmondson      ‘Icing is a NO NO’    01.11-07.11.2018


Fliss Quick ‘Home-Maker’ (working title)  05.12-11.12.2018



Laurie Schram    ‘Fast Forward’    08.01-15.01.2019